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Patrick Debois

Where in the World Is DEVOPS_BORAT

During the recent devopsdays in Hamburg, several people came to me asking if I had any idea who DEVOPS_BORAT is. There were some wild conspiracies but it where more wild guesses.

For those who don't know him: he tweets from Kazakhstan his view on the devops world. And does it with load of humor. You should really follow him on twitter!

So as a good engineer, I’ve started gathering evidence by looking at his tweets and this is what I found until now:

Time for a call to participation I thought. Have a look at the raw twitter data and maybe you can provide us with some clues?

The first one to provide us with conclusive evidence, will receive free entrance for one of the next devopsdays. Because after all, we want DEVOPS_BORAT on stage for the next devopsdays!