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Patrick Debois

A devops walks into the Metaverse and Learns

Devops and Metaverse : two buzzwords in one presentation. What can go wrong !? Besides an overview of exciting advances in the Metaverse technology such as Synthetic Media , VR and deepfakes , I relate it back to DevOps challenges and experiments I’ve found. I talk about VR and sound in Visualisation, prompt engineering, LiveOps , Digital Twins and other related technologies.

A big thanks to Devopsdays Dallas that also published all the talks. Especially Mike for having the trust in me to change my slightly off-topic presentation. Another shoutout to the Tech Breakfast Podcast for discussing parts of my presentation.

The next iteration of this talk (with more on DALL-E en Stable Diffusion) will be at Devoxx where I will talk about “Reality as code - How close are we at generating humans and their environment”.

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