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Patrick Debois

October is Devops Month

So you are looking for a devops place to be in October? Be quick to register to one or both of these conferences

Europe: Devopsdays Goteborg

On Oct 14 - 15 in Goteborg, we’re organizing the third! Devopsdays Europe (goteborg)

Here’s a list of the talks:

For more information on the schedule , goto the complete program

US: Camp Devops Chicago

On Oct 22 - 23 in Chicago, the first Camp Devops will be organized by @martinjlogan.

Here’s a list of the talks:

  • Continuous Delivery Breakdown - Jez Humble
  • Automate Everything: 100% Continuous with Jenkins and Gerrit - Tyler Croy
  • Overcoming Organizational Hurdles - Chris Read
  • Configuration Management: Puppet - Teyo Tyree
  • Monitoring and Alerting - Zenoss
  • Hands on Graphite - Nicholas Leskiw
  • Hal Snyder - Is CMDB Dead?
  • Head in the Clouds - Matt O’Keefe

For more information, goto the complete program