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Patrick Debois

Fall and Winter Conference Season 2011

Oh well , now that all my presentations from previous conferences are online, it’s time to plan the fall and winter season of conferences. Let me see ….

Conferences I’m speaking at or likely to attend are:

  • Arrrrcamp, Ghent, Belgium: October 7 - The only Belgian Ruby, Rails and Radiant Conf
  • Gotocon Aarhus, Denmark : October 10-12 - I’ll be presenting a session on Devops fools, Tools and other smart things
  • Devopsdays Goteborg, Sweden : October 14,15 - The yearly Europe devops event is happening in Goteborg this time. It’s going to be really exciting this time , as the theme is inclusive. Exploring the boundaries of devops.
  • Velocity Conference Europe,Berlin : November 8-9 . The well known conference on large scale operations, comes this year to Europe. I’m happy to be one of committee member. I can tell you, it’s gonna be a blast!
  • Citconf , London: November 11-12 - All you ever wanted to know about Continuous Integration. Period.
  • Devoxx , Belgium : November 14-18 - Basically the walhalla for java developers in Europe
  • Cloudcamp Belgium: November 21 - I’m looking forward to this year’s event, as there will likely more practioners and less marketing folks.
  • Training Jclouds : November 21,22 - Adrian Cole of Jclouds fame is giving a course on Jclouds in Ghent/Belgium. That’s going to be really fun.
  • Xpdays, Benelux : December 1-2 - a premier Agile/XP event in Belgium. I don’t think it has the equivalent somewhere else. This is so well done and so co-operatively organized.

And yes, I do work from time to time. Just that these conferences are a great way to capture and share new ideas. All worth it!