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Patrick Debois

Opscode Chef Fundamentals Training and Meetup Coming Up

Image Courtesy to TwoBarkingDogs

In the beginning of the year the people from Puppetlabs asked me to organize a PuppetCamp Europe 2010, and about a week later the guys from Opscode asked me for a Chef Camp. It didn't make sense to do both at the same time of course, so I decided on First Come , First served.

This time, to keep my configuration management Karma points in balance in each community it's time for Chef: not a Camp but in the form of a Fundamentals course

Where and When

If you have an interest in Infrastructure as Code and as an up to date sysadmin you should. Now is the chance to follow the Chef Fundamentals Training 8, 9 and 10 November in Belgium/Ghent for a real community Pricing.

This is a limited and unique offer: Several of the core Opscode people are coming over to Belgium/Europe for Devoxx. Joshua Timberman has generously agreed in using the opportunity to teach this course for all you Chef lovers!

What will it cover

Chef Fundamentals is a 3-day comprehensive class covering the basic architecture of Chef and all of the underlying components. We will be covering installation basics of Chef Client and Chef Solo. Other topics will include: creating Chef repositories, creating cookbooks and advanced use of the command line utility, Knife. This class will include lecture, labs and some comprehensive case studies.

You can find more details at the event description page. Be quick places are limited!

Social meetup

We will plan to eat/drink somewhere together on Monday 8 November evening around 20:00 in Ghent. This is open to everyone , not only for people attending the course. The exact location still has to determined. Drop me a mail if you are interested.