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Patrick Debois

Puppetcamp 2010 Europe - a Wonderful Gathering

Puppetcamp Europe 2010

I have been following 'Puppet' from Puppetlabs for several years now. I love the idea of 'Infrastructure as Code'. Some people say: All the cool things happen in the US.

But now the original developer and current CEO Luke Kanies and a lot of Puppet adepts are joining together for the next Puppetcamp in Europe, Belgium , Ghent on 27 and 28 of May 2010

While handling the registrations for the event, I got an insight on the experience level of the attendees, and I must say, I'm really impressed!. Some people manage over a 1000 nodes in their companies and their code-fu level are extra-ordinary. I'm sure the event is going to rock as hell.

The event is split over two days and there will be six speakers:

Check the complete schedule at the puppetcamp event website.

And in the afternoon there will be an Open Space. This will create a great opportunity to talk directly to all these awesome puppeteers.

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If you want to part of it, you better hurry up and register. Only some places are left and time is running out.