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Patrick Debois

Devopsdays09 - Two Weeks Later

I had real fun organizing Devopsdays 09. There was such a warm family feeling, it felt great hanging out with all these like minded people. Impressive to see so many brilliant minds together in one room. Have a look at the [presentations](http://www.devopsdays.org/ghent09/programme) and see the [buzz](http://www.devopsdays.org/ghent09/buzz) it created.

I’ll be honest, for the past few years, when I went to some of the Agile conferences, it felt like preaching in the dessert. I was kinda giving up, maybe the idea was too crazy: developers and ops working together.

But now, oh boy, the fire is really spreading:

  • there are discussions starting both on the puppet and agile administration mailinglists.
  • on the lrug conference some devopsdays attendees made a fantastic extension to it.
  • and in their tweets, I see people having a look at how agile can help them

That’s all really valuable, because there still is a lot to discuss. As Bart and Dan both mentioned in their reports, we are still in a very alpha state:

  • we need to build up more detailed descriptions of our ideas
  • more examples so that enterprises can also pick up
  • try to translate all this in windows oriented environments
  • actively try to involve more developers into this line of thinking

The conference really inspired me to continue to promote these ideas and some actions are bound happen:

  • there is a devopsdays USA coming up (probably around end of april 2010)
  • devops.info is coming , a site where we gather all related material
  • put up a wiki on this. We already got a Confluence community license with the support of Atlassian!
  • start on a book on it (anyone want to help?)
  • startup a kind of alliance, to support new initiatives

And remember it’s all about putting the fun back into IT!