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Patrick Debois

Agile 2008 Toronto: my recordings

These are my recording from Agile 2008 in Toronto. The videos are nowhere near professional quality. Recorded with a simple webcam. Still I feel that they might be useful and I would propose that more people next year would bring their camera and record some sessions. Maybe a use of the 'crowd' , distribute a few simple recorder and have people film their session by the audience?


James Surowiecki : He has written a well-received book on the theory and practice of "The Wisdom of Crowds".

Listen to the recording - https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/keynote-james-surowiecki.mp3

Robert C. Martin: Author 'Agile Software Development : Principles, Patterns, and Practices' and founder and president of Object Mentor Inc.

Listen to the recording - https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/keynote-gala-uncle-bob.mp3

Alan Cooper: Alan is the author of two industry best-selling books, About Face and The Inmates Are Running the Asylum and is widely known as the "Father of Visual Basic".

Listen to the recording - https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/keynote-alan-cooper.mp3
Slides: http://www.cooper.com/journal/agile2008/


Philippe Hanrigou: Maintain High Quality Web Applications with a Green Web Acceptance Build that Runs Under 10 minutes / Selenium Grid

Watch the recording - https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/session-selenium-grid.mp4

No Picture
The Doctor is In - Using the Office Hours Concept to Make Limited Resources Most Effective

Watch the recording - https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/session-the-doctor-is-in-the-house.mp4

New arrows for the Agile quiver: Now that the team's head is in the game, how do you get their heart in? by Jim McCarthy

Listen to the recording - https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/session-jim-mccarthy.mp3
(Only the first part where he explains his history, Sorry...)
Building High-Performance Agile Teams by Paul Hodgetts

Listen to the recording - https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/session-building-high-performance-teams.mp3
Slides: http://submissions.agile2008.org/files/CD-5099_0.pdf
Use-Case Recording: Testing a rich client UI by recording in a domain-specific language by Geoffrey Bache

Watch the recording - https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/session-text-fit.mp4
Slides: http://texttest.carmen.se/files/usecase_recording.pdf
No PictureTDD Principles for Database Development: t-sql by


Programming-with-stars Semi Final : Emily Bache , Michael Feathers ,  Lasse Koskela pairing with Noah Jacobson and two more(?)
Watch here: https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/programming-with-stars-semifinal.mp4

Uncle 'Bob' typing ...

Note: The videos were converted with Visual Hub on a MacBook Pro using : MP4, 320 Pixel Wide, Quality-Go Nuts, H.264 Encoding,  Fit Video in 50MB, Size 426x240 px , Two Pass , Audio 44100 cfr.
This reduced the raw recording of 3Gb+ to 50Mb.