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Patrick Debois

Migrating from Nokia 8310 to Iphone

After several years of loyal service, I decided to 'upgrade' my Nokia 8310 to an Apple Iphone 3G.The problem was that this model did not support the copy to sim from it's menu. I went to the Nokia Support page only to see that they did not have a MacOSX version available. I know it's history... It did have a software called PC Suite that you could install to talk to the phone over Infrared (IrDa). But how to solve this without a PC nearby? I grabbed a version of Vmware Fusion and installed a trial Windows XP (not activated). This allowed me to install the PC suite software.
I was hoping that the build in Infrared sensor of my macbook Pro would do the trick. Vmware reported it as connected but the windows driver reported an error while installing it (as a USB device). Some forums spoke of installing the bootcamp drivers inside the vmware machine so that the infrared would be recognized correctly. Alas I only had an upgrade version of Leopard so I did not have the bootcamp drivers on the DVD.
Next I remembered I had once bought a USB Infrared sensor from Belkin (F5U230). I installed the driver and yes everything worked out fine!. I was able to launch the PC suite. It found my Nokia (activate the infrared in the menu) and was able to transfer my contacts from Phone memory to SIM Card.
When I put the Sim in the Iphone, the Iphone has a menu to import Sim Contacts and voilà.