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Patrick Debois

Citcon 2008 Amsterdam

I finally made it! It could not join it last year and I was really interested in seeing what was going on here. Being a sysadmin (well in transition), I found for the first time a conference who talked both about the sysadmin parts AND the development parts. It sure convinced me to go deeper into development.

It was my second openspace and this one was a bit crowded. A load of sessions were proposed and sessions were often crowded due to the fact that sessions had to be joined because of the number of rooms available. Maybe it indeed as Harald Walker says in:'in Openspace less is more'.

04102008(001) by :: matt wynne.
Copyright Matt Wyne
I really enjoyed the session about 'Javascript: who cares', proposed by matt wyne. I learned about Celerity for javascript testing. The general consensus was that a lot of testing tools exist and their usage depends on what you want to test. Even the frameworks like prototype, jquery ... all try to make their own test suite.

Have a look at the picture and it will tell you a bit of the topics discussed. Seems like most of us settled with jquery and YUI as their choice. HtmlUnit, HttpUnit, Selenium , Watir, Webtest, Screwunit are just a of few of the topics that came up.

Another fun one was 'Mocking and Legacy Code Coding Dojo' from Eric Lefevre and Willem Van Den Ende. It went completely out of control ... With every programming wanting to prove that he could 'fix' the problem easily. The lesson learned was that we all have different approaches at takling legacy code, and mixing these pratices are deadly for productivity.

Nice to see that Rob, Willem and Marc started their new company Qwan (Quality Without A Name) and handed out rubber ducks. My kids replied that there must be spelling mistake: it should read Qwak instead of Qwan then ;-)

Finally a big thanks to Paul and Jeff for organizing!