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Patrick Debois

Building High-Performance Agile Teams

At Agile 2008 in Toronto I attended the session Building High-Performance Agile Teams by Paul Hodgetts. We did an exercise to learn how to come to a consensus with a group. The goal was to find the way to best spend a (real!) Five Dollar bill. As I was the only one to be from Europe around the table, I proposed to take it home and show it to my kids. Apparently everybody fell for the idea so we moved on to discussing how I was to present it. Another questioned I had was: you have three kids, how will you avoid them fighting over it?. We'll here is the result. The oldest one asked: 'Daddy, is this Abraham Lincoln?'

Thanks Melissa, Brent, Gil, and the others.

The slides of the presentation are available at http://submissions.agile2008.org/files/CD-5099_0.pdf
I recorded the audio of the session, listen here: https://www.jedi.be/pages/agile-2008/session-building-high-performance-teams.mp3

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