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Patrick Debois

Training for Coaching in Belgium

Are you considering coaching? I've been looking into different training programs. Some might argue that coaching is learned by doing. And you learn it in action not by some training. While there is some truth in this, I've experienced in the NLP Practioner training, that training can first provide you with a safe environment to discuss and try new options. And most of all get feedback, which is often indirect in real life.

So what options do you have in Belgium? Well, the good news is, there are many. The site of Vlaamse Coaches list those which are VAC recognized trainings. But there a more:
So which one to choose? I have seen Rudy Van Damme in action and am already familar with NLP so, Coaching and Co was my first reaction to choose. But then again, new people give new ideas. I know that Yves @ Paircoaching has followed the VTLG training at IVC and was very pleased with it.

Another question that you have to ask yourself, is it leadership or coaching your looking for. I personally don't know what to choose yet. I'm really interested in YOUR experiences.