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Patrick Debois

Markdown to Confluence Convertor

Recently in Confluence 4.0 the Wiki Markup Editor was removed for various engineering reasons. I like to type my text in wiki style, and most of all using Markdown.

This code is a quick hack for converting markdown to Atlassian confluence markup language. Which you can still insert via the menu.

It’s not a 100% full conversion, but I find it rather usuable already. I will continue to improve where possible.

The gem is based on Kramdown


Via gem

$ gem install markdown2confluence

From github:

$ gem install bundler
$ git clone git://github.com/jedi4ever/markdown2confluence.git
$ bundle install vendor


If using Gem:

$ markdown2confluence <inputfile>

If using bundler:

$ bundle exec bin/markdown2confluence <inputfile>

Extending/Improving it:

there is really one class to edit

  • see lib/markdown2confluence/convertor/confluence.rb Feel free to enhance or improve tag handling.