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Patrick Debois

Xpdays Benelux 2008 / Hey ScrumMaster let the team decide

XP Days Benelux 2008: aah, it was great! I had a hard time going to work again on monday. It seems that my brain was still in overdrive, and everything at work , was sooo slow. Kudos to the organizing commitee.
When arriving the ohmp's (one halve minute presentations of the sessions) where already busy. Still a nice way to see what sessions to pick. I skipped the first session so I could put up my Visu-wall project. I got some nice ideas from this: the spaghetti bridge Scrum Board game, the emotion-meter (thanks Tjakko) , and someone commenting that ScrumMaster should be a ScrumSlave ;-)
It was the second time I went and it felt different: because during the past two years I got to know so many people , I went to less sessions and talked to more people. This is a great networking place.
My first session was on Mingle by Koen De Hondt. The product looks great, and it made me wonder what the ideal electronic scrumboard would/should look like. The nice thing was it was a non-vendor and hands-onview on the product, so there was a lot of experience at hand.
Another session I went to, was the session Paircoaching Agile Game by Yves Hanoulle & Ignace Hanoulle. It was nice to see them for the first Live! It struck me that the session had a lot of layers, like an onion. Invisible at the surface, but a lot of details. An example of this was , that technical people like to keep on making things better, even if the customer agreed it was okay, with the risk of breaking things again and leaving the customer with a broken system when he needs it.
At the end of the second day, Peter Janssens and me (Patrick Debois), we did our session "Hey ScrumMaster let the team decide": this is about how f.i. a ScrumMaster can handle conflict situations with his self organizing teams; it's clear that there is a fine balance between this. We had some great discussions, and that's what we really wanted. Afterwards the feedback was fantastic! This is also thanks to our try-out session hosted by the nice people of Ilean. You guys rock. A lot of people asked us to share the playmobil video's. The slides go here: Hey ScrumMaster: let the team decide Xpdays Benelux 2008

Hope to see you next year! Patrick..