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Patrick Debois

XP Days 2008: Hey Scrummaster, let the team decide

A self-organizing team is a powerful concept. But what if the team
collectively decides to go into a direction that you as a Scrum Master
know for sure that they will hit problems. (or at least you think)

they decide to abandon retrospectives. Will you respect their decision
or will you try to change it? Would you go for option 1) respect the
team or 2) try to convince the team away from their decision.

I ask you, intelligent agilist, to provide examples of similar
conflicts you encountered in real life. If you solved the situation,
please let us know how. If not, just post the conflict.

Feel free to give input if you prefer related interesting topics like
/>when is a team truly self directing
/>how do you create a self directing team
/>what competences does a team need to have in order to be self directing
/>what if they go in the wrong direction (according to whom?)
/>the role of project leaders and managers wrt self organizing team
/>products owners having trouble not telling teams HOW to do the work

If our session gets selected, we will present your feedback at the XP Days Benelux 2008.

We (Lieven Baeyens, Peter Janssens, Patrick Debois) have opened up a blog. See for yourself: