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Patrick Debois

The web in 1994: I could have been yahoo (snif)

While researching my past digital life, I came across my first steps on the Internet. As a matter of fact the Internet too was making it's first steps. During my thesis at the Biomath University of Ghent, I ran a website called "URL Heaven": it collected the sites I found and I put them into categories in a way similar to yahoo today.

I announced on the mailing list.

After awhile, find categories was a bit difficult so I called out for help:

Some leftovers on the web can be found with this google search : http://www.google.be/search?hl=nl&q=%22URL+heaven%22+pdebois&btnG=Zoeken&meta=

It seems that I was quoted in a research paper by Hans Martin Adorf called the "Resource Discovery on the Internet [PDF]", back in 1994. That means 2008-1994= 14 years ago!

The site was closed down after I found myself a real job. Boy, if only I had known....