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For the past 3 years i've actively gathered tips & trick concerning Netscape Navigator/Communicator. To thank everbody who shared their problems/information i would like to publish 'my netscape faq'. (People of UFAQ feel free to take over my knowledge)

I am in no way responsible for the information in this document and to the best of my knowlegde did not offend any copyright/license or other legal stuff.

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The Offical Netscape Cookie FAQ(http://www.cookiecentral.com/unofficial_cookie_faq.htm)
cookies    -    Ever wonder what cookies you have received? Just open your cookies file. It's a plain text file in your Netscape (.netscape in unix) directory or Preferences folder on Mac.  It's called "cookies" in Unix versions, "cookies.txt" in Windows, and believe it or not, "MagicCookies" on the Mac. If you want to know what all the stuff in it means, check out the cookie spec. You'll be surprised at all the cookies you have. Cookies allow any site to store information on your hard disk and then use it later when you access their site again. In Netscape 3 and later, you can be warned when you are getting a cookie. In version 3, look at "protocols" in your network preferences or in version 4 see the preferences section "advanced." 

User Profiles

Sharing bookmarks and address book between profiles 

       I have several ISP accounts, and therefore several profiles. How can I share bookmarks and address
       books between the profiles?  


       For Address book: 

       Add the following line to each of your prefs.js files: 
       user_pref("ldap_1.directory1.filename", "put your filename here"); 

       Note that the directory1 entry corresponds to the first entry in your directory list which by default is the
       personal address book, but could be an LDAP server if you have reordered them. You can use this to
       point one profile at the other's address book. 
       For bookmarks: 
       Add the following line to each of your prefs.js files: 
       user_pref("browser.bookmark_location", "C:\\yourpath\\here\\bookmark.htm"); 
Q: I have set up several profiles in Communicator, but I mostly use one. Do I have to choose a profile
       every time? 

       A: No, you don't. You can set up a command-line option to start a particular profile. 

       In Windows 95/NT: 

       1.  Locate your Communicator icon on the desktop. 
       2.  Right-click on the icon, select Properties, the Shortcut tab. 
       3.  You need  to add your profile name to the command line. Let?s say your profile is called John. Then
       the command line would look like this: 
       "C:\Program Files\Communicator\Program\netscape.exe" -P"John" 

       Note that there is no space between -P and quotes. 

       In Windows 3.1 
       1.  Locate Communicator icon in Communicator Program group. 
       2.  Click on it, and then hit Alt-Enter to bring up icon properties. 
       3.  Modify command line according to point 3 above. 

       Windows NT systems are able to use NTs internal calls to the current user's profile by substituting
       %USERNAME% for the profile name (%USERNAME% instead of John in the example). 
If anyone has been having problems with Mail Notification, it may be due
to your having entered your POP3 (incoming mail) server as a (numeric)
IP address rather than a domain name.

Here's the text of my original "bug report" to Netscape, and the
followup that I sent them after I had solved the problem:


Re: PC: how to install smart update files downloaded from a ftp ?

Hi Luc, how are you? Are you having a good time? I hope so!

For installing 'da32.jar', open this archive with Winzip 6.3 (or similar),
extract all files inside and then, execute 'wizards.exe'. This install your
Web Design Assistant.

Proceed similarly with jio.jar archive.

I expect this helps you. Good luck!!
Q: Is there a way to determine which profile in use after Communicator is started? 
       I tend to forget which profile I logged in as. 

       A: You can get a clue by looking at you mail preferences. For example, you can go to 
       Edit|Preferences|Mail and Groups|Identity, and you will see the user name and the e-mail 
       address of your current profile.  If you choose Mail Server|More Options, the local path 
       to your mail directory usually includes the user name. 
When downloading email, I get the message, "Netscape is out of memory" 
If you receive the error message, "Netscape is out of memory" when
 downloading your email from the server, move your messages from the 
 Inbox to another folder.  This is caused by too many messages in 
 the Inbox folder.
Windows 3.x GPF's
> I'm using Communicator 4.04 16 bit - After using the browser for
> awhile, it seems to stop browsing - I usually end up getting a GPF in
> module Netscape.exe at 0049:A53E.

Try the usual first-aid.  Close NetScape.  Then use your file manager to
delete the NETSCAPE\CACHE directory (or all files therein).

Also delete NETSCAPE.HST, the file that changes the color of visited
links.   Both these items will be built anew as your surf.

One simple thing to try.   Set up the TEMP variable and directory as  in the
install tips of the nuFAQ;  item 1, section 1.  Click below...
Eric wrote:
> I have NC4.04 and just got the JDK1.1 patch.  It seems to load even
> slower that before now.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Eric

Other than disabling Java or preloading with the -start_java command
line option, no. It's slower since there is more to load as the JDK 1.1
AWT events are in there now.

Java load time is something that is supposed to get attention in 5.0.
Kevin Hecht, Netscape Champion
College of Commerce and Finance, Villanova University
khecht19@idt.net   khecht@email.vill.edu

How do I set up default preferences for all new users at my site? 
The first time a user runs Netscape, a .netscape-preferences file will be created in their home directory,
       and that file will be used for all future sessions. So, the easiest way to set default preferences (like
       proxies and socks hosts) is to cause that file to be created with the right contents before the first time
       each user runs Netscape for the first time. An easy way to do this is to create a "wrapper" shell script
       around the Netscape executable, like the following: #!/bin/sh # Put this script in /usr/local/bin/netscape
       (or whatever). set -e # Set this to the location of the real Netscape executable
       REAL_NETSCAPE=/usr/local/bin/real-netscape # Set this to the location of the default preferences file.
       DEF_PREFS=/usr/local/lib/default-netscape-preferences if [ ! -e $HOME/.netscape-preferences ];
       then echo '(installing default Netscape preferences...)' cp -p $DEF_PREFS
       $HOME/.netscape-preferences fi # The "-name" option is to avoid confusing the users' X resources.
       exec $REAL_NETSCAPE -name netscape $* To create the default preferences file, simply run
       Netscape once, set the preferences, quit, and copy the preferences file that was written in your
       ~homedir/.netscape. You will then need to edit that file and remove all of the user-specific lines. This is
       important! In particular, remove the lines containing your name and email address, and any lines referring
       to files in your home directory (the history and bookmarks files, the newsrc directory, the signature, the
       cache directory, and the personal MIME types and mailcap files.) Bear in mind that it is "not" currently
       possible for multiple users to share the same bookmarks, cache, or history files. The cache directory
       should go in some directory owned by the user: /tmp/ is not a good choice, since that is shared by
       multiple users, and on some systems, is cleared at each reboot (which would make the persistent disk
       cache worthless -- it would then be non-persistent!) If you want to disable the disk cache by default,
       simply set its size to zero in the preferences. 
FTP'ing a file with Netscape Navigator results in corrupted download 
If you are getting a corrupted, unusable file as a result of trying to
               retrieve a file via ftp with Netscape Navigator, then you should make
               sure that the file's extension is listed in the "Helper Applications"
               section of the Netscape Preferences.  The easiest way to do this is to
               select the "application/octet-stream" entry in the MIME Types list, then
               add your file's extension (usually three characters, but you can specify
               a longer or shorter one) to the "Extensions" field.  The extensions in
               the list in that field should be separated by commas.

               The reason this is necessary is that if Netscape Navigator can't find an
               entry in the MIME Type table for files with the extension of the one
               you're trying to download, then it will download your file in "ASCII
               mode", whereby carriage returns and linefeeds in the file will be
               converted to whatever's natural for your computer system -- this is
               quite an unhealthy thing to do to binary files.

               If you're trying to download a binary file with no extension on its
               name, then just put the last few characters of the file's name into the
               "Extensions" field.  The Navigator will match those characters at the
               end of the file's name; it doesn't care whether or not there's any
               period in the filename.

               If you've followed these instructions but your downloaded files are
               *still* coming across garbled, then it's possible that the web server
               itself isn't configured to recognize that file type properly, and by
               default it's telling your browser "this is an ASCII text file", which is
               causing the file to download in ASCII mode and get chewed on as
               explained above.  In this case, contact the administrators of the web
               server you're connected to and make sure they're aware of this problem.
"Couldn't open FCC file" error when sending mail or posting news. 
If you get a "Couldn't open FCC file" error when you try to send mail
               or post news from Netscape Navigator, it means that that Navigator
               wasn't able to save a copy of your message to its carbon copy file.
               ("FCC" stands for "File Carbon Copy."

               Under the Options menu in Netscape Navigator, select "Mail & News
               Preferences" then click the "Composition" tab.  You will see an option
               named "By default, copy outgoing messages to a file".  If you have
               any filenames listed here, then Navigator will try to save a copy of all
               of your outgoing messages to the mail or news file listed, so that you
               have a copy of exactly what you said.

               The filename might include a directory which doesn't exist.  If your
               mail file is set to "c:\netscape\mail\carbon.txt", make sure
               that the mail directory "c:\netscape\mail" actually exists and that
               you didn't accidentally type part of it incorrectly.  You can set the 
               mail file and the news file to the same thing if you want all outgoing 
               mail and news messages copied to the same file.

               If you're on a Unix or a Windows NT system, you might not have
               permission to write to the carbon-copy file or to the directory that
               it's in.  Check the permissions on this file and directory to make
               sure that you can write to them.  This will not be a problem if you 
               are logged in to the administrator account.


"Undefined dynalink" errors in CoolTalk 
Q: When I try to run CoolTalk, I get an "Undefined dynalink" error.

       A: This error is most often caused by not having Video for Windows installed, or by having two installs
       of Video for Windows. Newer and older versions of Video for Windows may have installed in different
       directories, and it is possible to have 2 versions installed, which will cause a DLL conflict, resulting in
       the undefined dynalink message. To check for a Video for Windows install, search your Windows and
       Windows\System directories for the file msvideo.dll. If it is missing, you have no Video for Windows
       installed. If you have 2 copies, you have conflicting installs. The workaround for this is to rename any
       msvideo.dll files to msvideo.old (to back them up), and then download and install the latest Video for
       Windows. To find Video for Windows, use your favorite Internet search engine.
Problem: Asynchronous DNS

       Some older dialers do not support asynchronous DNS. This might lead to frequent crashes and  GPF's in


       You can disable asynchronous DNS. This will greatly reduce the problems you might be experiencing. 

       For Navigator 3.x on Windows 3.x: 

       Open Notepad, select "File", then "Open". Go to the Netscape directory and double click the
       "Netscape.ini" file. Now that the file is in your text editor, scroll down to the section titled [Network].
       Here, you will make the change from 


       The default is to use ASYNC DNS. Not using it will result in lower performance, and can cause
       problems when multiple simultaneous connections are attempted. You should also set: 

       [NETWORK] Max connections=1 

       in the NETSCAPE.INI file, which will prevent any multiple connection problems when not using ASYNC
       DNS, but this will also result in much slower performance. 

       For Communicator 4.x: 

       In Notepad, open a file called prefs.js, located in your \users\username directory. 

       Add these two lines: 

       pref("network.use_async_dns", false); 
       pref("network.max_connections",  1); 

       Save the file as prefs.js, and restart Communicator. 
Can't start more than one copy
If your getting the error message that you can't start more than one
               copy of the specified program you would have to disable Dial on Demand,
               and disable Automatically Launch Netscape Navigator, in the General 
               Tab of the dialer properties.
How do I make a backup of my Navigator 4.04 Preferences in Windows NT/95/98/3.x? 
You may wish to make a backup copy of your entire user profile directory.  
            The user profile consists of your bookmarks, cache, mail, news, history, 
            etc.  Inside your Users directory you will find a subdirectory called 
            'defaultuser' that represents one of your current profiles for Navigator.  
            Make a copy of the profile directory that you wish to backup and give it 
            a name you will remember.

            If you only wish to save the preferences then one way to do this would be 
            to locate the file on your system called prefs.js and make a copy of it 
            and call it prefs.bak.  To restore your preferences you will need to copy 
            the file back to its original name and location and then restart Navigator.  

            It is not recommended to touch the Windows registry for a simple issue 
            such as this because one of the two methods above is sufficient.  If you 
            need to then follow the steps below at your own risk.

            1.  click on start | run
            2.  type "regedit" and hit enter
            3.  Click on the plus sign next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER
            4.  Cick on the plus sign next to Software
            5.  Cick on the plus sign next to  Netscape
            6.  Highlight "Netscape Navigator"
            7.  On the menu item  click on "Registry"
            8.  then Click on "Export Registry File"
            9.  Point to the path of the backup then give it a special name.  
                    ie. "Backup Navigator.reg"

            To restore the registry entries refer to Windows 95 help.

This is a confirmed fix on Solaris 2.5.
Here's the error message:
     Warning: the following hosts are unknown:
     This means that some or all hosts will be unreachable.
     Perhaps there is a problem with your name server?
     If your site must use a non-root name server, you will 
     need to set the $SOCKS_NS environment variable to 
     point at the appropriate name server. It may (or
     may not) be necessary to set this variable, or the 
     SOCKS host preference, to the IP address of the host 
     in question rather than its name.
     Consult your system administrator.
This error message is misleading since I checked the /etc/resolv.conf 
file and it had the appropriate entry. Here's an example:
And the only time you need to set a SOCKS entry is under manual proxy 
server configurations, which didn't do the trick. Neither did setting 
the variable it suggests.
The problem is that a base install of Solaris 2.5 doesn't default host 
lookup to DNS and it's probably trying to parse it via NIS (Network 
Information Service) which is originally intended to replace DNS for 
LANs that don't provide Internet conectivity. It will let you pull up 
host names on the LAN but nowhere else. You'll also be able to bring 
up a page by its IP address but that's useless.
The fix:
Edit the /etc/nsswitch.conf file. The default line for hosts reads:
     hosts: files
     Change it to:
     hosts: files dns
Next they may need to 'kill -1 XXXX' where XXXX is the process ID
(PID) for inetd (the Internet daemon), which can be found by running 
something similar to 'top' (doesn't seem to come with Solaris). If 
you tell the customer that they may know how to do it. If not, just 
have them restart their system for the change to take effect.
To avoid having to enter your user id and password each time you want to access a password protected ftp or web site, you can save your URL as a bookmark in the following format: ftp://user:password@ftp.somewhere.com/ http://user:password@www.somewhere.com/ You can use the "Upload File..." option on the file menu if your ID has permission to upload files. Be careful about saving your "user:password" URL in a document or your bookmarks if you are on a multiuser machine or share files on your hard disk. 

Matthew Vanecek wrote:
> ralf metzler wrote:
> >
> > Hey there,
> >
> > I have installed netscape communicator 4.03 on my local SGI, but while
> > running it I canīt start the conference-tool.
> > I have no idea What I have done wrong during the installation.
> > Who can help me ?
> > Thanks!
> Is it part of the package in SGI?  For Linux, Conference is not included
> in the DL.  We have to obtain it seperately (so I've heard).  It's
> possible that you don't even have Conference.

The conference app needs to be in your path for netscape
to find it and enable the menu item.  Yeah this is lame,
this happened before $MOZILLA_HOME showed up.

No Linux version as of right now, sorry.

Unix Communicator
(Solaris 2.6)
M. Parsi wrote:
> Solaris 2.6
> Netscape 4.02 or Netscape 3.1
> Can't get some of the fonts displayed on the page.  Specifically,
> Times (Adobe) 12.0 and
> Utopia (Adobe) 12.0 do not work for a Variable Width Font.

Workaround is posted in the release notes:

  xset +fp /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/75dpi/
  xset fp rehash 

We haven't nailed this down yet, working on it.

Unix Communicator

The purpose of using a mailing list is to be able to send a message
to several people at once without being required to enter each
recipient's email address.

When the user defines the mailing list, they MUST enter a nickname
(or alias) for the mailing list.  If no nickname is specified,
clicking on the list name (in the Address Book) will display the
address of the first person on the list in the address window, and
mail will be sent ONLY to that person.
If the nickname is specified, clicking on the list name will display
the list name in the address window, and mail will be sent to all
members of the list at the same time.

Applies to: Communicator 4.0x 
Operating Systems: Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT. 

Problem Symptoms: "I set Communicator to request a return receipt for my outgoing e-mail, but I never get anything


If the mail server on both ends supports RFC 1891-compliant SMTP Delivery Status Notifications, Return Receipt will 
have your SMTP mail server send you a message indicating whether or not the mail was successfully delivered to the
recipient's mailbox. It will not tell you if the message has been read, only if it has been successfully delivered to the

If both ends support DSN, then you'll get a message back saying that the message was successfully delivered to the
destination mailbox. If your server supports it but the other end does not, you'll get a message back saying that the
message was relayed to a non-DSN-aware mailer. If your server does not support it, you won't get anything back.
(Communicator 4.02 and up warn if your server does not support DSN.) 

Description: Netscape pop error:cannot open temporary file do you own it?

in /var/mail/.$user.pop (lock file??)
                           Re: Trash Loading Summary
                           Fri, 05 Dec 1997 11:48:02 -0800
                           Hevanet Communications
                           text/plain; charset=us-ascii
                           Mozilla 4.04 [en] (Win95; I; 16bit)

Burl Smith wrote:

> Any know why when I go to my trash it says "trash loading summary" and
> takes 2 minutes before anything comes up?

Try clicking FILE|EMPTY TRASH.   This will 'compress' all folders, freeing
up wasted hard disk space...and may solve your problem in the process.

   NetScape questions answered.     http://www.sousystems.com/faq

There is a new version of Communicator 4.04 that appears to have JDK 1.1
built in and also have the other updates from smartupdate built in.  I
uninstalled everything and installed this newer version(posted 12/3/97)
and java runs faster than with the JDK1.1 update and it does use JDK 1.1
applets.  Maybe because it was installed as the program and not a patch
it works better?

Subject:Can't print emails in Communicator
     You were right.....I did not have a default printer set up and when
I set it up, now the buttons are not dimmed.  Everything is working
fine.  Thanks for your time and help.

Jay Garcia wrote:
> kitb@hotmail.com wrote:
> >
> > Hi all,
> >      Does anyone know why I can't print emails from Comm 4.04?  The
> > print button is dimmed on my toolbar and also in File/Print. Print
> > Preview is also dimmed.  According to help, I should be able to print
> > the email.  Here is what help says:
> >
> > "Printing Selected
> > Messages
> >
> > You can print a message from the Message
> > window, or from the Message List window, if
> > the message panel is open and the message
> > you want to print is being displayed.
> >
> > To print the currently displayed message, click
> > the Print button on the toolbar."
> >
> > It doesn't work for me.  Print is dimmed!  Anybody know why?  Thanks in
> > advance!!!
> > Chrissy
> Do you have a "default printer" set up in Win95 ??? ... If so, what is
> it ? ..
> -Jay-
Subject: java fix
Deedra - i know the feeling about the JAVA thing so beleive me this is not
a real simple thing to fix but you already have the fix so bear with me
while I go through this mess.
 first and formst JAVA does not like certain video settings in your
system.  You have to go to your control panel in your setups and then to
the display properties then to the settings then you must set the display
palette to 32bit true color and desktop to 640 by 480 then accept and set.
then go to the control panel again and make sure that your vidoio card is
properly installed with all the latest drivers then make sure you are only
running in vga mode as JAVA will hang the system if you are not running
only vga this is going to be a real hassel if you have a large CAD type
monitor and such even in some cases 15inch monitor settings will hang the
N4.04  hope this helps.

Deedra Garrison wrote:

> Is there a Java patch for Communicator 4.04?  I can't load ABC.com
> channel and may other things because of constant Java errors.  HELP!!!!
> Deedra

Deedra Garrison wrote:

> Is there a Java patch for Communicator 4.04?  I can't load ABC.com
> channel and may other things because of constant Java errors.  HELP!!!!

Try deleting COOKIES.TXT.  Use your file manager.   Close 4.04 first.
Subject: international netscape

spelling checker, fonts ...
I toast, therefore I am !!
(Talking Toaster - Red Dwarf)
Debois Patrick wrote:
> Hello there,
> I need advice on this:
> whould it cause problems when sharing the nsmail directory via NFS
> between a unix machine and a PC?

They name their mail summary files differently (".NAME.summary" on Unix,
and "NAME.snm" on Windows.)  So, when you switch back and forth between
Unix and Windows, it will notice that the folder has changed but the
summary has not, and it will re-parse the whole folder.  This will be
slow, and could (sometimes) cause deleted messages to be ressurected.

So, it's probably not the best idea.  It shouldn't cause loss of mail,

(This is assuming that two people wouldn't be using the same nsmail
directory simultaniously -- that *could* cause loss of mail, 
regardless of the platforms those two people are on. 
talks about the pitfalls there.)
Subject: new msg freeze

Mark wrote:
> When I startup Netscape (ver 4.04)and go to the mail area, the 1st time
> I hit the New Msg button, there is a considerable delay before the mail
> message window appears. Any ideas?
> Mark Kuwana
> e-mail kuwana@ltx-tr.com

I'm taking a guess at this one, as I am not sure.

This may be caused by the video driver refresh rate of video color
palette settings.  The second suggestion would be to clear out the TEMP
directory on your system.  Communicator uses the TEMP directory and this
may be why the message composition window is opening slowly.

Subject: freeze problem

Pentium 166/32 megs RAM/Windows 95a

I have received so many suggestions from this group and appreciate all
of the help I've received.  What has stopped the freeze with Netscape
4.02/4.03/4.04 (NS 3.0 did not freeze on my system) was a suggestion
that I received from a most helpful person.  Simply, I uninstalled
Microsoft PLUS.  I haven't had a freeze since doing that!  Prior to the
uninstall, my system was freezing up every 10/15 minutes.  Someone might
want to look into the compatibility between Netscape 4. (and up) and
Microsoft PLUS.
Subject: : Re: How can I get Comm 4.04 to automaticall empty Trash folder?

Ted Koppel wrote:

> In 4.04 (32) - when I exit the Mail client, how can I have the Trash
> folder automatically emptied and compressed.  It's a manual function
> now.  Eudora does it automatically.  Can Communicator?

Well Ted, not for sure about the automatic method, however you can bypass the
Trash Bin if you'd like. Hold down the SHIFT key when deleting messages.

Al Brakovich
Subject:How do I enable/disable the use of HTML tags (or rich text messages) in Netscape Messenger?


How do I enable/disable the use of HTML tags (or rich text messages) in
       Netscape Messenger? 

                     Last Updated:
                                                      MacOS, Win3.1/3.11, Win95, WinNT, Xterm

                                  Does this article answer your question?
                                                  Please let us know!


       How do I enable/disable the use of HTML tags (or rich text messages) in Netscape Messenger? 


           1.Go to Edit | Preferences. 
           2.Select the plus sign for Mail & Groups category to expand the list. 
           3.Select Messages. 
           4.Check/uncheck the checkbox labeled "By default, send HTML messages". 
           5.Click "OK". 
              Re: Again java freeze with 4.04
              Thu, 11 Dec 1997 12:36:16 -0800
              Ron Jones 
              Netscape Communications

Have you tried Activator @
http://java.sun.com/features/1997/dec/activator.html ?
Dr. K. Roettger wrote:

> The java freeze bug of 4.03 isn`t fixed in 4.04. Now I`ve got the same
> problem: starting a site with java causes the freeze. The fix of the
> ufaq didn`t work with 4.03 and won`t with 4.04. The Navigator 3.04 works
> good with java on my system.
> Hey, Netscape, do you hate java? IE is gettmng more and more interesting
> to me.
              Communicator as Default Browser
              Thu, 11 Dec 1997 07:57:28 +0100
              Debois Patrick 

Seed http://www.sousystems.com/faq/commonly/comm_default.html 

I toast, therefore I am !!
(Talking Toaster - Red Dwarf)


Applies to: Communicator 
Operating Systems: Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT. 

Problem Symptoms: "How do I make Communicator my default browser and Netscape Mail and News my defaults?  When I check
options I can't seem to find the way to do it." 


If communicator is not your default browser, and when you start it up it 
does not ask to become the default browser, then: 

With communicator closed, locate the prefs.js in your 
..\netscape\users\(username)\ folder. 


Open the file in notepad or some other text editor and find the line 
that reads: 

    user_pref("browser.wfe.ignore_def_check", true); 

Change the true to false and save the file. 

Now when you start communicator it should ask; indicate to it that it 
should become the default. 
              Re: JAVA FREEZE in Communicator 4.04 (Running NT4.0)FIXED IT!
              Wed, 10 Dec 1997 15:27:49 -0600
              Netscape Communications

I sent the original call for help on behalf of Euginia and I want to share
the fix, which I found in this newsgroup. Sorry, I didn't note who
originally sent it in, but in one reply to a Java Freeze incident the
writer said to make sure the display and video drivers were the most
current ones. I downloaded the driver update from the Compaq site and
installed them...BAM! No more freezes.

Euginia Crone wrote:

> I just downloaded Communicator 4.04 US Encryption. I'm using Windows NT
> 4.0. This is a brand new Compaq Deskpro 6000, 64K RAM.
> Java Freezes Netscape. I unistalled completely and removed all files,
> then downloaded again and reinstalled and Java still freezes. Please
> advise. Thanks.
              Re: Setting print parameters
              Wed, 10 Dec 1997 12:58:52 -0800
              Tom Williams 
              Netscape Communications
              1 , 2 , 3

Charles Burlbaw wrote:

> I checked with them and they don't have a clue.  They just upgraded to 4.0.3
> from 3.x and weren't aware that anyone had any problems.
> Yes, I know the print dialog has some primitive parameters, but they do not
> pertain to header and footer information on the actual printed
> page.

Headers and footers are not available in Communicator 4.0x on Solaris.  Chris
McAfee at Netscape told us so; they are in the "current" internal version, but
not in any available to the public.


> Thanks for your reply though,
> Charlie Burlbaw
> Matthew Vanecek wrote:
> > Charles Burlbaw wrote:
> > >
> > > Does anyone know how to set  the print page parameters in 4.0.3 for the
> > > sun?  On a Windows system, they are set in the Windows print setup, but
> > > I can't find any print setup on the Sun.
> > >
> > > Thanks for your help,
> > >
> > > Charlie Burlbaw
> >
> > Check with your sysadmin or the user's guide for the Sun.  Of course,
> > when you print something from Netscape, it should pop up a dialogue box
> > in which you can specify some basic parameters.
> >
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              Re: Keyboard shortcut to send mail now
              Wed, 10 Dec 1997 11:58:43 -0800
              Tom Williams 
              Netscape Communications
              1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Scott A. McIntyre wrote:

> Well, I can type over 100WPM and have several workstations in my
> office...space is cramped and I don't like having to go for the mouse to send
> a message....I get about 300 a day and responding to most of them means that
> I need to be able to type, and move on with as many keyboard shortcuts as
> possible
> Alt enter works for me as I don't type that by accident as on my keyboard the
> keys are sufficiently far away as to reduce that possibility...it makes me
> far more effecient for sending mail on my NT boxes, but I hate hate hate NT.
> Ahh well.  I'll live with the lack of feature...but I'd be happy even with
> Alt-F-S or something else easy and non fingertwisting...
> Scott

I prefer using keyboard shortcuts too, as it means I don't have to move to the
mouse all the time.  Moving it to click on the Send button isn't much of a pain,
but I don't get a quarter of the messages you do.

Do you compose in Plain Text?  Does  work in Plain Text mode on
Irix?  (It does on Solaris but not in HTML mode.)  Or, you can use
 -- that's not too fingertwisting is it ;v]

Subject: Re: NSComm 4.0 BugReport: Proxy autoconfig + Messenger start-up

I believe this problem is fixed in 4.05 which is due out very soon.


Michael J. Suzio wrote:

> I don't think this belongs in this newsgroup, either, but it
> annoys me enough every day that I have to report that I *also* have
> this problem: autoproxy config + Messenger on startup doesn't
> work.  Choosing any link in Navigator first fixes the problem,
> but anything else makes Netscape crash.
> --
> Michael J. Suzio
> Web Technical Standards, WWW & Internet Applications
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> msuzio@eccms1.dearborn.ford.com / msuzio@ford.com (Public Email)

Subject: Re: Kiosk mode Communicator for UNIX?

Ahmed Sudan wrote:
>[...]just would like to open Netscape 4.05 for
>  UNIX/Linux  in the kiosk mode (ie, no menubar, toolbar, etc....).

I saw a Netscape document explaining how to do this recently (somewhere in its
developer.netscape.com website).  It suggested editing the preferences for the
home page to read something like this:

        JavaScript:void(open("http:www.bytecodes.com", "Kiosk",
From - Thu Feb  5 21:00:34 1998
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From: Chris Reigrut 
Newsgroups: netscape.devs-client-technical
Subject: Re: Multiple Personal Address Books.
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 1998 00:45:50 -0700
Organization: Netscape Communications
Lines: 54
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To: "Eric D. Seelye" 
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Netscape calls this configuration "Corporate Address Books" and you need to
add the following to the prefs.js file
user_pref("ldap_1.directory2.description", "Shared Address Book");
user_pref("ldap_1.directory2.dirType", 2);
user_pref("ldap_1.directory2.filename", "c:\\shared.nab");
user_pref("ldap_1.directory2.isOffline", true);
For all of the details, though, look at

Eric D. Seelye wrote:

> Is there anyway to setup a profile to access 2 or more personal address
> books?
> For instance my wife and I have seperate profiles any many seperate
> email addresses but we also have many addresses that we BOTH use.  It
> would be ideal to have access to her personal address book at the same
> time as mine AND then a common shared address book..I tried the
> following but it didn't work.
> In the prefs.js files I did this:
>         user_pref("ldap_1.directory1.filename", "abook.nab");
>         user_pref("ldap_2.directory1.filename",
> "c:\\%path1%\\abook.nab");
>         user_pref("ldap_3.directory1.filename",
> "c:\\%path2%\\shared.nab");
> Where %path1% is the path to her profile.
> Where %path2% is the path to a shared location.
> Communicator insisted on treating her address book and the shared.nab as
> a ldap server and we couldn't modify anything but the address book
> listed as ldap_1.
> I have successfully shared one address book between both profiles but
> that is messy.  Unless I'm missing something I don't want to see her
> addresses unless I need to.
> Eric D. Seelye
> seelye@freeway.net

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Subject: Re: Turning of blink

AFAIK, there's no way to shut off animations (though you can hit
Escape to turn them off after the page finishes loading).  But under
the Unix versions, you can set the following X resource:

  Netscape*blinkingEnabled:               False

to turn off blinking.  I haven't seen blinking in years.

From - Wed Jan 28 07:40:57 1998
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From: hb 
Newsgroups: netscape.communicator
Subject: Re: Using PGP with Netscape?
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 20:31:27 -0800
Organization: Hevanet Communications
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xizar wrote:

> I've got PGP Freeware v5, and can use it quite happily with MS Outlook
> and Outlook express.
> But when I sent myself a test message to read with Netscape, I see
> gibberish, and can't decode it.  How do I get PGP to work with
> Communicator.


 NetScape questions answered. http://www.sousystems.com/faq/index.html
From - Fri Jan 16 07:57:52 1998
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From: Jeff Davies 
Newsgroups: netscape.devs-client-technical
Subject: Reset userid/passwd
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 16:07:49 -0600
Organization: Netscape Communications
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Is there any way to reset the userid/password to force a user to login
again.  I am building a kiosk application and I want to restart the
"session" after the user submits credit card information (similar to
using an ATM) so that the next person in line won't be able to access
the previous users order information.


From - Fri Jan 16 07:57:52 1998
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From: Alex Mann 
Newsgroups: netscape.devs-client-technical
Subject: Re: Reset userid/passwd
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 02:22:01 -0400
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This is a cryptographically signed message in MIME format.

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
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After the first user logs in, use a CGI or JavaScript to change the location to:


The second user will immediately get an "Authorization Failed" dialog box,
then he will be required to authenticate.

Having that dialog box every time between users may not be good for your kiosk application...

Alex Mann                                 
Systems Engineer
Netscape DevEdge Champion - Client Technical Newsgroup
From - Wed Jan 14 09:18:28 1998
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Sender: luotonen@netscape.com (Ari Luotonen)
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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 00:17:27 -0800
From: Ari Luotonen 
Organization: Netscape Communications Corporation
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To: Debois Patrick 
CC: ari@netscape.com
Subject: Re: Autoproxy http + nntp +socks?
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Debois Patrick wrote:
> Hello Ari,
> some time ago I've posted the following question:
> Is it possible to switch in the autoproxy file between
>     proxy1 for http,ftp,...
>     socks for news
> Then you stated it was not possible (we had to wait for v5.0 of
> communicator).
> I've noticed that in the preferences file of NS comm4.04 it is
> possible to specify
> a nntp proxy server.
> I did not find anything more then:
>     network.proxy.news
>     network.proxy.news_port

Trust me, you don't want to set these.  These are a relic from the ice
age.  NNTP proxy is not supported, and if you enable this, it will do
some very weird things, and news won't work as intended, if at all.

> There is a proxy preference for SSL too so the previous thing should
> be for plain NNTP.

For secure NNTP (SNEWS), the "Security Proxy" setting is used, and that
works fine in Communicator.

> If I set it to a socks server, comm 4.04 (solaris 2.5.1) simply
> crashes.

The SOCKS setting is separate from proxy settings.  You're sure to lose
if you set the proxy to SOCKS server.

Ari Luotonen, Mail-Stop MV-068		Opinions my own, not Netscape's.
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From - Mon Dec 22 07:05:37 1997
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From: "R. Perry" 
Newsgroups: netscape.communicator
Subject: Re: Mail Filter Log
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 23:11:46 -0500
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Dennis Harbach wrote:

> Is there any easy way to clear the mail filter log? I've changed some of
> my filters and I'd like to clear the log so I can more easily see the
> results when messages come in.
> --
> Dennis Harbach
> Los Angeles, CA

Look in your "users\yourname\mail" directory for the file "mailfilt.log".
You should be able to open it in notepad.

Ronna Perry
Netscape Champion

NUFAQ http://www.sousystems.com/faq/
From - Mon Dec 22 07:04:13 1997
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From: Chris McAfee 
Newsgroups: netscape.communicator.unix
Subject: Re: How to print the URL on printouts??
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 1997 01:28:36 -0800
Organization: N E T S C A P E
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To: Christoph Haenle 
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Christoph Haenle wrote:
> how can I tell the communicator 4.03 under UNIX to print the URL
> whenever I print some web-page? It's annoying adding the URL by hand
> later.

We have solved this problem, both headers and footers now print,
and this missed the 4.04 release.

Unix Communicator
From - Mon Dec 22 07:04:26 1997
Path: secnews.netscape.com!not-for-mail
From: Jay Garcia 
Newsgroups: netscape.communicator,netscape.communicator.unix
Subject: Re: Mail Filters
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 12:16:39 -0600
Organization: http://www.gatewayno.com
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Mark Otto wrote:
> When will Netscape Messenger support 'or' in addition to 'and' in the
> Mail Filters?  Is there some way to currently get around this?  It's a
> pain to have to set up multiple filters for one Mailing List for
> example.
> Any comments would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mark

Major overhaul for filters is scheduled for 5.0 ...