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Disk full and Wordpress asks to run install.php again

This night, our disk was full and I had to restart the apache and mysql server. My blog greeted me with an Wordpress error message: It asked me to re-run the install.php thinking it was not yet installed.
I found that my database was corrupt and tried to make a dump to repair:
$ mysqldump mysite_blog -u myuser -p
And after a while it gave up with:

mysqldump: Can't get CREATE TABLE for table wp_options (Can't open file: 'wp_options.MYD'. (errno: 145))
I found the solution at http://support.discusware.com/center/resources/errors/mysql145.html

$ mysql -u myuser -p mysite_blogmysql> REPAIR TABLE wp_options;
That did the trick! We're back in business...